Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Day 1

The internship has started! I am in the Visual Perception lab with three other interns, and at least one student. To start off the day we took a brief tour of all of the labs in the Center, including labs that were not part of the internship, but fascinating nonetheless. After the tour, all the interns were taken to the Red Barn to do some team-building activities. Despise the scorching heat, I had fun meeting my fellow interns and playing games and working through problems with them. After that was lunch, and then we finally split into our groups. I share the lab with Alice and Maria, both very nice girls. From 1:00 to about 4:30, we sat in Visual Perception "boot camp", learning all about the eye, the structure of the eye, and how the eye is related to the brain, and how the eye is controlled by the brain and other muscles. We also briefly explored the relationship between eye movement and task given to an observer, as well as learning about eye tracking technologies. Overall, it was a great first day and first experience for me.

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